Our pregnancy story, 7 years in the making:

Seven years ago, we started our journey. We thought it would be quick and easy, but soon realized our story was teaching us patience.

After a little bit of trying, we went on search to get our questions answered. Asking “traditional” doctors didn’t really give us many answers. At this point we thought we may need an alternative option.

Years went by still trying with no answers. We went to an OBGYN at St. Jude to ask about our options and again see if we could get our questions answered. This is when Ashley found out she had PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and began looking into options for infertility. After literally one month on clomid, the world shut down for the pandemic.

Once things started to open back up, Ashley tried to go back on clomid all to find out her 6 month referral had expired.

Back to square one, feeling almost defeated and exhausted. We continued on. Then, as Ashley switched jobs, things started to fall into place.

Working to target the PCOS and get Ashley’s hormones figured out, she began seeing a doctor she worked with. Starting with a diet change, then adding vitamin supplements, then incorporating IV therapy, eventually doing detoxes. Ashley eventually lost weight and started getting “optimal” results from her blood work. Feeling good and with little inflammation in her body, the PCOS went away and now we have our sweet baby girl to show for all the hard work!

Our story may have been something even we didn’t think would result in pregnancy, but we are grateful to say Ashley has had an amazing pregnancy and our sweet Emma is growing bigger and stronger everyday!